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Welcome to my Presentation
Green Marketing
Presented by
Why apply Green Marketing,
Where apply Green Marketing,
Benefits & Demerits,
What is Green marketing?
Green marketing refers to the process of
selling products & services based on their
environment benefits, such a products or
service may be environmental friendly in
itself or produced & packaged in an
environmentally friendly way.
Why apply Green marketing?
People hear & read daily about a growing list of
environmental problems such as global warming,
acid rain, air & water pollution so people are calling
for solution. The new environmentalism has caused
many consumers to rethink what product they buy
& from whom. People are changing the brand
legalistic based on things like a company’s
reputation for helping or harming the environment.
Consumer attitudes have sparked a major marketing
thrust green marketing, the movement by companies
to develop & market environmentally responsible
McDonald’s provide a good example of green marketing. It used to
purchase Coca-cola syrup in plastic bags but now the syrup is
delivered as gasoline is, pumped directly from tank trucks at
restaurants. The change saved 68 million pounds of package a year.
All napkins, bags, & tray liners in McDonald’s restaurants are made
from recycled paper. The size of McDonald's even small change can
make a big difference.
Where apply Green Marketing?
The green marketing can be apply in those country where the
consumers are green consumers & government in more
conscious about an environment. Now green consumers
means in the consumers who are more conscious about the
environment, while buying a product even green consumers are
willing to pay extra amount of money to purchase environmental
friendly product . In developed countries green marketing can be
apply, in developing countries “like Bangladesh” green marketing
is not valid because the environment is not a main issue.
Green Marketing motto!
The green marketing companies motto is pursue not only
environmental cleanup but also pollution prevention. True green
work requires companies to practice the three Rs of waste
Recycling waste
Benefit of Green Marketing!
Environmental pollution is reduce such as, acid rain, global
warming, water & air pollution.
Organization can be benefited by reusing waste thing into
Size of the companies can be increase because of law
production cost.
Demerits of Green marketing!
Increase product price because of environmental cost is
included while product is pricing
The people purchasing power can be less because of higher
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