Download Aim: How did organisms like the birds of paradise get their traits?

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Aim: How did organisms like the
birds of paradise get their traits?
• Do Now:
• 1) What are the two sources of variation?
• 2) What factor has the greatest effect on
evolutionary change?
• 3) The shark has changed very little in 50
million years. Why do you think this is?
Birds of Paradise
• What traits are these birds exhibiting?
• What adaptive value do you think they
• Where could the traits have come from?
Charles Darwin BrainPop
• Brainpop Video
Aim: How can we use questions
from our test to improve our
understanding of natural selection?
Do Now:
• Complete p.92 #36-40 in your review
Ibex or “Mountain Goat”
• What traits do you notice on these
• How are their adaptations useful?
Test Analysis
• Get into your group of 3-4.
• For the following questions, you will
analyze the answer choices: 9, 11, 14, 22,
24, 25, 28, 31, 32, 33
• On a separate sheet of paper, explain for
each question:
– Why the correct answer is correct.
– Why the other answers are NOT correct.