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“Processes That Shape the Earth’s Surface”
Erosion is the process by which weathered
rock and soil (sediment) are
moved from one place to another.
Erosion carves the Earth's surface creating
canyons, gorges, and even beaches.
Any action that causes the break down of
the Earth’s surface.
Weathering is caused by water, as it
freezes and thaws, as well as by
chemical reactions that loosen the
bonds holding rocks together.
Deposition is the process by which sediments (small
particles of rock) are laid down in new locations.
Together, Erosion and Deposition build new landforms.
• Deltas
• Canyons
• Meanders
• Floodplains
• Picture:
Where rivers meet the ocean is called the
mouth of the river. Soil and dirt carried by
these rivers is deposited at the mouth, and
new land is formed. The new, soil-rich land
is known as a Delta.