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Forces that Change the Earth Assessment
1. Which of the following was most likely caused by tectonic plates colliding?
2. Which of the following processes is occurring when rainwater dissolves
volcanic rock?
A Folding
B Deposition
C Erosion
D Faulting
3. Which two processes contributed most to the accumulation of soil in this
river valley?
A Pressure and uplift
B Erosion and deposition
C Earthquakes and faulting
D Percolation and evaporation
4. The map above shows the western coast of South America. Which process
caused the upward movement that formed the Andes Mountains?
A Seafloor spreading
B Deposition of sediment
C Tectonic plate collision
D Erosion of rock layers
5. In the picture above, the rocks at the bases of the trees were separated
from the cliff face by water freezing and thawing. Which process best
describes the breaking of the rock?
A Soil erosion
B Mountain building
C Chemical weathering
D Physical weathering
6. Which diagram best represents the type of plate movement that results in
mountain building?
7. Above a hot spot under an oceanic plate, large quantities of lava
continually erupt through the seafloor. If the lava builds up to an elevation
greater than sea level, what type of landform will result?
A Barrier island
B Volcanic island
C Peninsula
D Continent
8. A group of students found metamorphic rocks near a campsite. The
presence of metamorphic
rocks is most likely evidence of —
A dinosaur activity
B sediment deposition
C high pressure
D wind-borne sand