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Savannah Fater
Jewel Lee
Katie Chambliss
Ethan Birman
Breaking down
rocks with ice
water and wind
How does it work
• Ice, water and wind damages the land to
make different land. a tree grew through a rock.
About weathering
• Weathering changes the surface by ice,
water and wind.
• Weathering makes smooth land
• Weathering is something that breaks down
rocks and cracks them through an area
close to the middle
Why we need weathering
• we need weathering because without it
we would have all big rocks and not
smaller ones
• Weathering helps smooth out the land so
we can build houses, shopping centers
and malls
What we know about weathering
• There is three was to make weathering
• Ice makes the roads slipery so people do
not go on it.
• With out weathering we will not have good
How do we use Weathering
• Weathering smoothes out the land so we
can make buildings and parks
• It makes local landmarks so we know
where we are going without maps and a
Good things about weathering
• It creates shelter for many animals
• It flattens land so we can build houses and parks
The rock was not strong enough and a tree grew through it
Bad things about weathering
• Weathering causes rock avalanches
• Because weathering causes avalanches
when the rocks fall they are so hard that
they can cause hole.A cliff that has bumps that weathering
What is different between
weathering and erosion??
• Weathering cracks rocks and makes the
grown smooth and erosion use more thing
than wind, water and ice.
How ice and water weathers rock
• Ice breaks into the rock and separates it.
• Water flows over the rock and smoothes it.
Ice breaks into the rock.
How wind weathers rock
• When the wind goes by the rock very fast
it slowly breaks off the rock
Wind weathering the cliff
These rocks have been weathered
End summery
Weathering and erosion are very different in many ways. Also
ice, wind, and water all break, rub down, or crack rock. Ice can
separate or just crack it. Weathering helps us in many ways
and different ways.
This canyon was formed by water and
this rock has been split by