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Changing Earth’s
Chapter 4 Lesson 3
mechanical and
chemical processes that
change Earth’s surface
over time. (wind, water,
sun, acid rain)
material formed
from rocks broken down
by weathering.
process of breaking
down rock without
changing the
composition of the rock.
(smaller pieces)
Physical Weathering
– ice, water,
sun and heat.
Plants – roots
 The
process that changes the
composition of rocks.
 Minerals dissolve in acidic
 Minerals react with air and
water to form new minerals.
 Happens fast where there is a
lot of water.
Chemical Weathering
moving of
weathered material or
sediment from one
location to another.
Wind, water, animals
carry the sediment.
laying down or
settling of eroded
downhill movement
of a large mass of rocks
or soil due to gravity.
Mass Wasting
masses of ice,
formed by snow
accumulation on land,
that move slowly across
Earth’s surface.