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Rocks and Weathering
Effects of weathering
A. Weathering – the process that breaks down rock and other substances at
Earth’s surface.
B. Erosion – the movement of rock particles by wind, water, ice, and gravity.
Mechanical Weathering
A. Definition – type of weathering in which rock is physically broken into
smaller pieces.
B. Freezing, thawing, release of pressure, growth of plants, action of animals,
and abrasion.
Chemical Weathering
A. Definition – The process of breaking down rock into chemical changes.
B. Water
C. Oxygen
D. Carbon Dioxide
E. Living Organisms
F. Acid Rain
Rate of Weathering
A. Type of Rock
1. Dissolve
2. Permeable – a material is full of tiny, connected air spaces that
allow water to seep through it. (This rock weathers fast.)
B. Climate
1. Wet climates – weathers fast
2. Higher temperatures