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Do Now – In Notebooks
What are some effects of earthquakes?
Why is intensity not always the same as magnitude
for an earthquake?
How can earthquakes affect society?
Structural Failure
Stone and concrete
 Easily
Wooden structures
 Withstand
Steel-framed buildings
 High
rises are
reinforced to make them
earthquake resistant
Structural Failure
 Supporting
above falls
walls of a building fail and an intact level
A ground tremor caused by the repositioning of
rocks after an earthquake
Land and Soil Failure
Massive landslides
 Earthquakes
surface materials which
then behave like
Greatest damage in
soft soil
Earthquake Evidence
Fault scarps
 Areas
of great vertical offset
A tsunami is a series of water waves generated by a
disturbance in the ocean.
How do Tsunamis form?
Tsunami sources displace water in the ocean
Gravity then acts to restore displaced water
A wave is generated that travels as an expanding
ring across the ocean’s surface
Earthquake Forecasting
Calculating the probability of an earthquake
 Done by following:
 History
of Earthquakes in an area
 Rate at which strain builds up in the rocks
Where do Earthquakes Occur?
Earthquakes are not randomly distributed
 Majority of earthquakes occur along seismic
belts (Almost 80% at Circum-Pacific Belt)
 Seismic gaps
 Place
along an active fault that has not
experienced an earthquake for a long time