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ETC technical paper
European Coastal Impacts, Vulnerability
and Adaptation: A review of evidence
Nikki Hodgson European Topic Centre - Air and Climate Change
Background to the review
• Undertaken by European partners of the ETC ACC – AEA, PBL,
• The purpose of the Technical Paper is to review evidence of the
impacts of climate change, adaptation policies, measures and
actions across Europe’s coasts – it seeks to capture key
points/issues/messages and does not aim to be comprehensive
• The review will contribute to EEA’s coastal assessment (2012)
which will support the European Commission ICZM strategy review
• Review categorised by the same marine regions as the 2008
European Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) - which
established European Marine Regions (and sub-regions) on the
basis of geographical and environmental criteria
European Marine Regions
• Baltic Sea
• North-east Atlantic Ocean:
• Greater North Sea
• Celtic Seas
• Bay of Biscay and Iberian Coast
• Macaronesian biogeographic region (waters surrounding Azores,
Madeira and Canary Islands)
• Mediterranean Sea:
• Western Mediterranean Sea
• Adriatic Sea AND Ionian and Central Mediterranean Sea
(combined regions for ease of reporting)
• Aegean-Levantine Sea
• Black Sea
Topics covered
Marine region review covering:
Physical geography and oceanography
Biodiversity and ecosystems
Human geography
Economic activities
Climate change impacts
Climate change vulnerabilities
Climate change adaptation
Case studies
Draft report contents
• Background to the review
• Policy settings
• Scientific basis
• Cross marine region key messages – adaptation and vulnerability
• Marine region and sub-region key messages
Chapter on each Marine region/sub-region (based on topics from slide
Annexes – including:
• Table of relevant coastal impacts, vulnerability and adaptation research
projects across Europe by marine region
Report stages
Draft region chapters
compiled by partners
Jan-Jun 10
Draft reviewed
by EEA
Jun-Aug 10
Copy here
Modified and sent to
other ETCs for review
Copy here final
technical paper
Copy here
Oct 10
Copy here
Nikki Hodgson
European Topic Centre – Air and Climate Change
The Gemini Building
Fermi Avenue
OX11 0QR
Tel: +44 (0)870 190 3858
E: [email protected]