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MTH 091
Sections 3.4 and 9.4
Linear Equations in One Variable and
Problem Solving
Six Problem Solving Steps
Read the problem.
Assign a variable.
Write an equation.
Solve the equation.
State the answer.
Check the answer.
1. Three times a number, added to 9, is 33. Find
the number.
2. The difference of a number and five is equal
to the quotient of 36 and 4. Find the number.
3. A popular tablet and an accessory kit are sold
for $560. The cost of the tablet is three times
as much as the cost of the accessory kit. Find
the cost of the tablet and the cost of the
accessory kit.
More Examples
4. Twenty subtracted from six times a number is
five more than the number. Find the number.
5. The sum of twice a number and seven is equal
to the sum of the number and nine. What is the
6. A 48 inch board is to be cut into three pieces so
that the second piece is four times as long as the
first piece and the third piece is seven times as
long as the first piece. If x represents the length
of the first piece, find the lengths of all three
Still More Examples
The sum of two consecutive page numbers of an
open book is 359. Find the page numbers.
When eight is added to a number, and then the
sum is multiplied by five, the result is -40. What
is the number?
A car rental company charges a daily rate of $35
plus $0.50 per mile. Suppose that you rent the
car for a day, and your bill is $120. How many
miles did you drive?
Just A Few More Examples
10. Twice the difference of a number and six is equal to
three times the sum of the number and five. Find
the number.
11. A number subtracted from -35 amounts to 182.
What is the number?