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Welcome to World History
Mrs. Campana
World History Requirements
Attendance Policy & No Credit Policy
 Restroom Pass Policy:
per nine weeks: Cashing In- Extra Credit
Daily Requirements:
Tablet – Fully Charged
Materials and Notebook – Binder (Small)
Class Assignments / Homework
 Bell Work (Review of,
Vocabulary, Reflective Essays)
 Lecture / Class Activity
 – Daily Curriculum Questions
& Weekly News Quiz (following Mon or Tues).
Class Grading Policy:
Tablet and Notebook :
Class Notes & Assignments
CNNStudentNews.Com: Daily News Videos / Q/A
Bell Work: Daily Curriculum Questions, Charts,
Geography Skills, Primary Sources, etc.
 Weekly News Quizzes : CNN Student News
 Chapter Quizzes and Tests:
 Projects:
History Alive: Group Work
Individual Projects: First project due SOON!
Ancient Civilization Inventions/Contributions Power
Point Project and Presentation Due…
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Technology for Miami-Dade Schools.
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RIGHT! Help your child take care of their tablet and
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Tablet Responsibilities
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One Note / One Drive
The Bond Money has been utilized in a
variety of ways that will continue to
expand quickly.
 Textbook – ON LINE -- NOW
 Homework – submitted DIGITALLY!
 Microsoft Office – ALL programs available
- Device(free) & home copies $20@year
 One Drive – Cloud Service Available to ALL!
World History Website
Ms. Campana has created a website for
their World History classes: follow the LINK to :
– Staff
– Teachers
– Mrs. Campana
- World History – Period…
Conferences / Parent Contact
Please feel free to contact Mrs. Campana!
If you have a question, please don’t wait! E-mail or call us.
Phone: 305-822-1500 ext. ___or ext. ___
 E-mail Addresses:
 [email protected][email protected]
 E-mail is the best way to contact me.
 Please be sure to put your child’s name and
period in the SUBJECT line! Otherwise, the
servers for M-DCPS will identify it as SPAM!