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Design a page for an illustrated scroll that commemorates the important achievements of the key
figure(s) in the history of the Hebrews that you have been assigned. Orient your scroll page horizontally,
and leave at least an inch of blank space along the left and right sides. Include the following items on
your scroll page:
• The name of the ancient Hebrew figure(s), written in both English and Hebrew.
• A title that describes the role of the Hebrew figure(s) in the development of Judaism (for example,
“Father of the Hebrews”).
• A visual that illustrates an important action taken by the individual(s) (for example, Moses parting the
Red Sea).
• A one-sentence caption that describes what is shown in the visual.
• A paragraph of original writing that explains how the figure(s) contributed to the development of
Judaism. The paragraph must include a quotation from the Hebrew Bible.
• A small visual of one artifact that is related to the life of the figure(s) (for example, a slingshot for
David) in each of the four corners of the page.