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Chapter 6 Section 2
The Hebrews
• Hebrews / Israelites – ancient nomadic people of
the Middle East, settled in the area of Canaan
• Judaism – Jewish Religion, Religion that was
founded by the ancient Hebrews
• Nomadic – wandering people, usually herders or
• Yahweh- Hebrew god, only god
• Descendants – offspring (Children, grandchildren,
great-grandchildren, and so on)
• Moses – Famous Hebrew leader, led the Hebrew
people out of Egypt
• Exodus- mass exit of people, Hebrew escape from
• Covenant – promise
• Ten Commandments – laws handed down to
Moses from Yahweh that were to be followed by
the Hebrews in order to receive protection on
their way back to Canaan
• Social Justice – the right to be treated fairly
• Joshua – General that took over after the death of
Moses and lead Hebrews into Canaan
• Judge – a leader that settled disputes, Hebrew tribal
• Saul – 1st king of the Hebrews
• David – 2nd Hebrew King, defeated Canaanites and
established Jerusalem as the Hebrew capital
• Psalms – Sacred songs in the Bible
• Solomon – David’s son, restored peace to Hebrew
• Prophets – persons claiming to have received
messages from god
• Sabbath – day of rest (Sunday)
• Torah – Jewish Sacred book, made up of 5 books,
contain the laws of Moses
• Ezra – Scribe that was responsible for writing the