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By the end of WWII until today, different
countries relied on other countries through trading goods and
services, as well as information, communication and technologies.
Improvement of all communication (internet,
Availability of imported goods and services
Outsourcing jobs
After the war, Americans turned their attention in developing
useful technologies.
Can you think of any technologies that you think are useful for you?
What industries benefitted from using technol
Airline (jet engines)
Movies and news
Cars and highways
Space exploration
Increase air travel
Easier access to news and entertainment
Cheaper means of communication
Better heating and cooling
Access to information around the world.
Charles Drew – Known for plasma
extraction and blood bank.
 J. Robert Oppenheimer – “Manhattan
Project” father of atom bomb
 William Shockley, John Bardeen,
Walter Brattain – developed transistors
and computer chips
Frank Lloyd Wright – architecture
Ansell Adams – photography
Martha Graham – dance
Henry Louis Gates – historian
Maya Angelou – literature
William J. Durant - historian
Bill Gates – computers
Ray Kroc – fast food chain
Sam Walton – retail store
Foreign Policy –
 Increase in terrorism
Conflicts in the Middle East
Changing relationship with other
Immigration  Increase in immigration and diversity
 More people wanting to go immigrate
to the US than are allowed by law
Global Environment  Policies to protect the Environment
 Climate Change
 Conservation efforts (water and other natural
World Health Issues –
 S.A.R.S.
 AH1N1
 F.M.D
 Mad Cow