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Urbanization and Immigration Document Based Questions
Directions: Analyze the following documents and on a separate sheet of notebook paper. Answer the questions that
follow each document.
What boroughs of New York City are labeled on the map? What state is labeled?
How long and wide is Manhattan?
What national groups are shown in Manhattan in 1910?
What was the predominant immigrant group in Manhattan in 1910?
Where was Manhattan’s nonimmigrant neighborhoods concentrated?
The tenement floor plan shows a single floor of three side-by-side buildings. What lay between each building?
What emergency exits existed?
How many bathrooms were on each floor?
Did each apartment have a bathroom?
How can you determine the number of apartment?
Each floor of a “dumbbell” tenement, the kind show in the diagram, was just 25 feet wide by 100 feet long.
11. If four families lived on each floor, approximately how much space did each family have?
12. What would be the drawbacks of living in such a place?
13. What advantages might the community offer?
Document 1
14. What group accounted for the greatest increase in immigration between 1840-60?
15. What group accounted for the greatest increase in immigration between 1880-90?
16. What do you think was the reaction of many Americans to the changing patterns of immigration to the United
17. What kinds of jobs were available to many immigrants to the United States at the end of the 1800s and the
beginning of the 1900s according to the passage?
18. Was the “padrone” fair to Panunzio and his friend? Explain your answer.
19. What was the difference between the immigrant girl’s dream of America and the reality she encountered?
20. Why does Riis describe the tenements in which many immigrants lived as “dens of death”?
21. What were living conditions in many tenements as described by Riis?
22. Describe what is happening in the political cartoon above.
23. Do you think that the cartoonist supported increased immigration? Explain your answer.
24. Why did Martinelli leave Italy to go to the United States?
25. Why did Martinelli’s mother tell her to move to the United States?
26. How does the cartoon above make fun of the nativist response to Chinese immigration?
27. Why did many nativists oppose Chinese immigration?
28. According to Addams, what is the source of the great poverty that can be found in the cities?
29. Why does Addams argue that the Settlement has to be adaptable?