Download Important Dates in U.S. Immigration Law

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Economics 623
Autumn 2012
Prof J.R.Walker
Page 1
Important dates of U.S. Federal Immigration Legislation
1790 Nationalization Act citizenship
1795 Naturalization Act citizenship
1798 Alien and Sedition Acts
1882 First federal immigration law: Chinese Exclusion Acts
1885 Foran Act prohibits important of contract labor
1897 Literacy Test defeated in Congress (by 2 votes)
1917 Literacy Test for immigrants passed
1921 Emergency immigration restriction law introduces quota system
1924 National Origins Act adopted
1929 National Origins Act becomes operative
1946 War Brides Act provides for admission of foreign–born wives of servicemen
1948 Displaced Persons Act
1952 Immigration and Nationality Act (McCarren and Walters)
1953 Refugee Relief Act
1962 Migration and Refugee Assistance Act
1965 Immigration Act of 1965 ends national origins quota system
1975 Indochina Migration and Assistance Act
1976 Immigration and Nationality Act extends preference system to Western Hemisphere Countries
1980 Refugee Act, raises annual refugee ceiling to 50,000
1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act
1990 Immigration Act of 1990
1994 North American Free Trade Agreement
2002 Homeland Security Act