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‫‪Association of Islamic Charitable Projects‬‬
‫جمعية املشاريع الخيرية اإلسالمية‬
‫قال تعالى‬
‫ت ْل َك َّ‬
‫الد ُار اآلخ َر ُة َن ْج َع ُل َها ل َّلذينَ‬
‫َ ِ َِ‬
‫ُ ِ‬
‫ال ُير ُيدو َن ُعل ًّوا في األ ْرض َوال ف َساداً‬
‫َوال َعاق َبة لل ُم َّتقينَ‬
‫ِ ِ ِ‬
An Association of
Charitable non-profit
Islamic Projects
‫هي جمعية‬
‫للمشاريع الخيرية اإلسالمية‬
Our Activities
Spreading alsunna, the teachings of
Prophet Muhammad is our noble goal
‫نشر السنة املحمدية هو هدفنا الشريف‬
‫ أمانة في حمل الشريعة ونشرها‬. ‫ِعلم وعمل‬
The A. I. C. P. was established to implement the
teachings of Islam as per the guidance of the
Qur’an. The belief and practice of the A. I. C. P.
worldwide is that of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jama^ah,
those who adhere to the Sunnah of Prophet
Muhammad, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam.
The most important objective of the A. I. C. P. is to
spread the correct knowledge of the Religion—
teaching Muslims and non-Muslims about Islam—
by spreading the Islamic Obligatory Knowledge and
supporting it with clear evidence.
The Messenger of Allah, sallallahu ^alayhi wa
sallam, said: which means: "The best of the deeds
is the belief in Allah and His Messenger." (alBukhariyy) In accordance with this, the A. I. C. P.
emphasizes teaching Tawhid, the Islamic
knowledge by which one would know what is and
what is not proper to attribute to Allah and His
The A. I. C. P. is a voice of moderation, striving to
rid the Muslim community of the vile innovations
and prevailing deviations—the proponents of which
call for terrorism and violence.
‫ أمانة في حمل الشريعة ونشرها‬. ‫ِعلم وعمل‬
The A. I. C. P. does not compromise its stand
against those who try to deviate the Muslims from
the belief of the Prophet, sallallahu ^alayhi wa
sallam, his Companions, and the subsequent
Muslim generations known as Ahlus-Sunnah walJama^ah.
The A. I. C. P. set its objectives with the realization
that victory over evil can only be achieved by
spreading religious education and propagating
goodness among people—knowing that society can
only be reformed through piety and fear of Allah
(the Creator).
The A. I. C. P. urges Muslims to help each other and
share responsibilities, such as encouraging the
wealthy to console and relieve the poor—whether
Muslims or non-Muslims.
The A. I. C. P. urges all Muslims to provide for the
needs of the hungry, orphans, and needy, as well as
to correct one’s self, family, and society in
accordance with Islam. It was said by a prominent
American official about the society in America, that
"Our problems are beyond government’s reach.
They are rooted in the loss of values." Islam
provides the values that, if implemented, can
resolve the societal problems many nations are
facing today.
‫وفقنا هللا وإياكم ملزيد من الخير والعطاء‬
‫‪May Allah enable us for more‬‬
‫‪endeavors for the sake of Allah‬‬
‫وتقبل هللا طاعاتكم‬