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He who has you , has
everything , and he who has
deprived himself of you
is the poorest in the world .
Loser is the one who chooses
and be content with anyone or
anything other than you .
(Biharul Anwar , Vol . 98 , P . 228)
Never will be salvaged the
people who win the
consent of the creature
at the cost of the
dissatisfaction of the
(Maktal Khawarazmi , Vol . 1 , P . 239)
“Yeyote awapendaye
Hassan na Husayn
amenipenda, na yeyote
Mtukufu Mtume (s.a.w.w.)
Mahatma Gandhi:
My faith is that the progress of
Islam does not depend on the
use of sword by its believers,
but the result of the supreme
sacrifice of HUSAYN,
the great saint.
Dr. Rajendra Prasad:
The sacrifice of Imam
HUSAYN is not limited to one
country, or nation, but it is the
hereditary state of the
brotherhood of all mankind.
No one will feel secured
on the Resurrection Day
except those who feared
God in this world .
(Biharul Anwar , Vol . 44 , P . 192)
People are slaves to the world ,
and as long as they live
favorable and comfortable lives ,
they are loyal to religious
principles . However , at hard
times , the times of trials , true
religious people are scarce .
(Biharul Anwar , Vol . 78 , P . 117)
“…., Allãh hujirafikisha na
wale wajirafikishao na
Husain yu adui wa wale
walio maadui zake.”
Mtukufu Mtume (s.a.w.w.)
One who pursues a goal
through sinful ways , will
ironically distance himself
from that goal , and will
approach what he was afraid
of .
(Biharul Anwar , Vol . 78 , P . 120)
Don't you see that the right
is not conveyed and the
wrong is not prohibited.
Let believers wish to die
and righteously meet their
God .
(Biharul Anwar , Vol . 78 , P . 117)
Dr. Radha Krishnan:
Though Imam Husain gave
his life almost 1300 years
ago, but his indestructible
soul rules the hearts of
people even today.
Imam Hussein (a.s.) last advice
to his son, Ali (a.s.):
"My son stand for truth
even if it bitter."
“Hassan na Husain ni
masayyidi wa vijana wa
Mtukufu Mtume (s.a.w.w.)
Swami Shankaracharya:
It is HUSAYN's sacrifice that
that has kept Islam alive or
else in this world there would
be no one left to take Islam's
Hao (Hassan na Husain) ni maua yangu
katika dunia.”(Ewe Husain), wewe u Sayyid,
mwana wa Sayyid, na ndugu wa Sayyid;
Husain anatokana na mimi na
mwana wa uthibitisho (wa Mwenyezi Mungu)
na ndugu
wa uthibitisho
Mungu); na baba wa uthibitisho tisa ambao
wa tisa wao ni Qaim wao ambaye atakuwa AlMtukufu Mahdi.
Mtume (s.a.w.w.)
Mtukufu Mtume (s.a.w.w.)
To me , death is
nothing but happiness,
and living under
tyrants nothing but
living in a hell .
(Tohafol Okool , P . 245)
Albert Einstein : Quran is not a
book of algebra or geometry but
is a collection of rules which
guides human beings to the right
way, the way which the greatest
philosophers are unable to decline
Quran in sayings of Non-Moslem Scholars
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1721):
Quran takes the responsibility of man
prosperity alone. I hope it will not be too
late that time which I can unite all the
scholars of all the countries together and
establish a monotone society based on
principles of Quran only which will guide
people to prosperity.
Quran in sayings of Non-Moslem Scholars
I never revolted in vain , as a rebel
or as a tyrant , but I rose seeking
reformation for the nation of my
grandfather Mohammad . I intend
to enjoin good and forbid evil , to
act according to the traditions of my
grandfather ,
and my father Ali Ibn Abi-Talib .
(Biharol Anwar , Vol . 44 , P . 329)
Ewe mwanangu (Husain)! Mwili wako
ni mwili wangu na damu yako ni
damu yangu.
Mtukufu Mtume (s.a.w.w.)
Gandhi (1869-1948):
By learning Quran, every body will
achieve revelation secrets and religion
knowledge. In Quran we don’t see
anything which allows using obligation to
change others religion. This sacred book
says in the simplest way: “there is no
obligation in religion.”
Quran in sayings of Non-Moslem Scholars
If you don't believe in
any religion and don't
fear the Resurrection
Day , at least be free in
this world .
(Biharul Anwar , Vol . 45 , P . 51)
Those who worship God for the hope
of gaining , they're not real
worshippers , they're merchants .
Those who worship God out of fear (
of punishment ) , they're slaves . And
those who worship God to be grateful
towards their creator , they are
the free people , and their worship is
a real one .
(Biharul Anwar , Vol . 78 , P . 117)
Rabindranath Tagore:
In order to keep alive justice
and truth, instead of an army or
weapons, success can be
achieved by sacrificing lives,
exactly what Imam HUSAYN
Dr. Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe
(German Poet):
In 1832 said, for long years, priests
prevented us understanding Quran
realities and greatness of its bringer,
but by improvement of sciences this
book will take human attention to it
and become axis of thoughts.
Quran in sayings of Non-Moslem Scholars
Lion Tolstue
(Russian philosopher):
Quran contains clear realties and
tenets and human beings can
utilize it generally.
Quran in sayings of Non-Moslem Scholars
“Adhabu atakayoipewa yule mwuaji
wa Husain huko Motoni itakuwa
sawa na nusu (nzima) ya adhabu
yote watakayoipewa wenye dhambi
Mtukufu Mtume (s.a.w.w.)
Beware that the need of people
to you is among the blessings of
God to you . So do not scare
away the needy people when
they come to you , as the
God's blessings will return and
go elsewhere .
(Biharul Anwar , Vol . 78 , P . 121)
Whoever seeks the
satisfaction of people
through disobedience of
God ; Then God
subjects him to people .
(Biharol Anwar , Vol . 78 , P . 126)
Avoid oppressing the one
who does not have any
supporter against you ,
other than the Almighty
God .
(Biharul Anwar , Vol . 78 , P . 118)
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru:
sacrifice is for all groups
and communities, an
example of the path of
Mrs. Sarojini Naidu:
I congratulate Muslims that from
among them, HUSAYN, a great
human being
was born, who is reverted and
honored totally by all
One who reveals your faults
to you like a mirror is your
true friend , and one who
flatters you and covers up
your faults is your enemy .
(Biharol Anwar , Vol . 78 , P . 128)
Wisdom will not be
complete except by
following the truth .
(Biharol Anwar , Vol . 78 , P . 127)
Edward Gibbon:
Considered the greatest British historian of his
"In a distant age and climate the tragic scene
of the death of HUSAYN
will awaken the sympathy of the coldest reader."
[The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,
London, 1911, volume 5, pp.
DR. Marks (1818-1883):
Quran contains all divine messages,
which exist in all sacred books for all
nations. There are verses in Quran
that relates to learning science and
thinking and discussing and training
and I confess that this firm book has
corrected many of the man mistakes.
Quran in sayings of Non-Moslem Scholars
Wisdom will not be
complete except by
following the truth .
(Biharol Anwar , Vol . 78 , P . 127)
Associating with
corrupt people
makes you subject to
suspicion .
(Biharul Anwar , Vol . 78 , P . 122)
This is the blood of
the Lord of Martyrs
(Imam Hussain) which
can stir the blood of
all of the Islamic
Crying out of fear
from God is
salvation from the
hellfire .
(Mustadrakul Wasael , Vol . 11 , P . 245)
Avoid doing what makes you
obliged to apologize for it .
True believers never do
anything for which they have to
apologize .Fake believers, on
the contrary , keep doing
wrong and say they are sorry
in the after math .
(Tohafol Okool , P . 248)
The month of Muharram the
month which is the solid proof
of the defeat of the
superpowers before the word
of righteousness. The month
during which the Islamic
nation's Imam has taught us
the way of campaign against
the tyrants of the history.
“Ewe Mola wangu! Mpende
yule ampenda Husain.”
Mtukufu Mtume (s.a.w.w.)
Do not permit
anybody (to come in )
before saying Salam (
greetings ) .
(Biharol Anwar , Vol . 78 , P . 117)
Among the signs of
ignorance is arguing
with irrational people.
(Biharol Anwar , Vol . 78 , P . 119)
Refreshing the memory
of Ashura is a task of
high political and
religious importance.
Among the signs of a
learned man is criticizing
his own words and being
informed of various
viewpoints .
(Biharul Anwar , Vol . 78 , P . 119)
Whoever becomes
generous becomes a
noble; and whoever
becomes stingy becomes
vicions and mean-spirited
(Biharul Anwar , Vol . 78 , P . 121)
Ashura is the national
mourning day of the
oppressed nation and a
day of bravery and the
new birth of Islam and
the Muslims.
The most generous
person is the one who
offers help to those who
do not expect him to
(Biharul Anwar , Vol . 78 , P . 121)
Whoever sorts out a
problem of a believer,
God sorts out his
difficulties of this world
and the here-after .
(Biharul Anwar , Vol . 78 , P . 122)
Reynold Alleyne Nicholson: > (1868-1945)
Sir Thomas Adams Professor of Arabic at the
University of Cambridge. "HUSAYN fell, pierced
by an arrow, and his brave followers were cut
down beside him to the last man. Muhammadan
tradition, which with rare exceptions is uniformly
hostile to the Umayyad dynasty, regards
HUSAYN as a martyr and Yazid as his
[A Literary History of the Arabs, Cambridge, 1930, p. 197]
If you heard a person
discredits the dignity and
the honor of people ,
then try not to get
introduced to him .
(Balagatol Hussein ( A.S. ) , P . 284)
Never raise your need
except to three ( kinds of
people ): to a religious , to
a braveman or to a
nobleman .
(Biharul Anwar , Vol . 78 , P . 118)
(Qur'an 19:154)
And say not of those who are
slain in the way of Allah: "They
are dead." Nay they are living
though ye perceive (it) not.
Imam Hussein (a.s.) message to the
"Indeed, I do not see death
(for freedom) as but
happiness, and living with
unjust people as nothing but
And the Glorious Qur'an says:
"Assuredly you will be tried in
your property and in your
“Kufa kwa heshima ni
bora kuliko kuishi kwa
Imãm Husain (a.s.)
When other people turn
to you in need, consider
it a favor of Allah. Do not
be wearied of this favor,
or it will move on to
someone else.
O God, I have left the world in
Your love, am ready to make my
children orphans in Your love,
my heart could not divert towards
anyone but You, even if You cut
my body into pieces in Your love.
Ikiwa dhambi zangu ni
kuwapenda watoto wa Mtume
Mohammad (s.a.w.) basi ni
dhambi ambazo sitatubiya.
Imãm Shafii (r.a.)
Dini ya (Mtume)
Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) haiwezi
kuendelea ila kwa kukitoa
mhanga kichwa changu, basi
upanga na uje ukichukue.”
Imãm Husain (a.s.)
Experience is a
Sufficient Teacher
and Old Age a
Sufficient Warner.
Imam Husayn (A.S.), The Grandson of the
Holy Prophet of Islam (S.A.W.),the Doyen of
the Martyrs, the Chief of the Youth of
Paradise, the second son of Imam Ali(A.S.)
and H.Fatimah Zahra (A.S.), the third Holy
Imam of the Shi'ites was martyred along
with his 72 faithful followers on
10th Muharram (Ashura),61 Hijrah.
In Karbala (Iraq) and saved Islam from
complete destruction by his great sacrifice.
On this Sorrowful and Mourning
Occasion of the Martyrdom
Anniversary of Imam Husayn(A.S.)
and his 72 faithful followers we
express our Heartfelt Grief and
Condolences to the 1.4 Billion
Strong Muslim Ummah and all the
freedom-loving and oppressed
people in the world.
Mourning sessions for Imam Hussein (A.S)
who sacrificed in the Path of God, have
developed young men and youth who
voluntarily go to the war fronts seeking
martyrdom and feel unhappy if they don't
achieve it. . .
- Imam Khomeini (RA)
If you do not believe in a
religion, and do not fear
the hereafter, then be
free (from arrogance) in
your lives.
Imam Hussein (A.S)
Month of Islam
Under the eyes of Allah (s.w.t)
Husayn (a.s) was martyred.
Alive he still is, in the hearts of the people
Remember Husayn (a.s) when having
Any food or water.
May Allah (s.w.t) guide us, towards the right path,
that Husayn and his family, fought and sacrificed
Fatemah N. A. Hassanali
Remember! Your
souls have no
value less than
the paradise; do
not sell them
Katika mambo yenye
kunikesheza na kuzifanya
nyeupe nywele zangu ni huzuni
na misiba ya kilimwengu.
Imãm Shafii (r.a.)
Ikiwa dhambi zangu ni
kuwapenda watoto wa Mtume
Mohammad (s.a.w.) basi ni
dhambi ambazo sitatubiya.
Imãm Shafii (r.a.)
It is blessing on you
from Allah if
somebody begs of
you something with
A man's merit lies in not
interfering with what he is
not concerned with.
The biggest pardoner is
he who forgives in spite
of being strong enough
to retaliate.
Husayn al ghareeb al ghareeb al Husayn,
shaheed ashaheed ashaheed al Husayn.
He gave his life for Islam, not looking back,
We hesitate to follow, Iman is what we lack.
Oh Muslims of the world, be strong and be
Oh Muslims of the world, be together and
Follow what he taught, don’t be shy,
When wearing your Hijab, stand upright. Cont...
Will you let them take your rights? That
Husayn (a.s) fought for?
Or will you fight back? Peaceful, without
Remember that Islam, is a way of life,
Remember that Iman, is for what you should
Husayn al ghareebal ghareebal husayn,
shaheed ashaheed ashaheed al husayn
By: Sakina N. A. Hassanali
Imam Husayn (A.S)
There are seventy advantages for
the greeting. Sixty-nine are given
to the one who greets first and
one is given to the one who
responds to the greeting.
Hussein! Aliuliwa shahidi pasi
na makosa yoyote na kanzu
yake ikatapakazwa wekundu.
Imãm Shafii (r.a.)
Imam Husayn (A.S)
Sitting with the intelligent is a sign of
successfulness. Disputation with other
than the disbelievers is a sign of
ignorance. A sign of a scholar is his selfcriticism of his sayings and his
acquaintance with the various
Imam Husayn (A.S):
Some people worshipped Allah for the
purpose of gaining His gifts. This is the
worship of the merchants. Some
worshipped Him for the purpose of
avoiding His punishment. This is the
worship of the slaves. Some worshipped
Him as showing gratitude to Him. This is
the worship of the genuine ones. It is the
best worship.
Ni nani atakae mfikizia Hussein
ujumbe wangu na hata kama
nyoyo zatukia?
Imãm Shafii (r.a.)
Imam Husayn (A.S)
There are seventy
advantages for the greeting.
Sixty-nine are given to the one
who greets first and one is
given to the one who responds
to the greeting
Husain ni Mfalme (ni Bwana) Husain ni Mfalme
wa Wafalme (ni Bwana wa Mabwana); Husain
ni Dini, Husain ndiye mhifadhi wa Dini. Kichwa
alikitoa, bali hakutoa mkono wake juu ya
mkono wa Yazid; Hakika Husain ndiye msingi
wa Lailaha illallah.
Khwaja Muienuddin Chishti Ajmeri (r.a.)
The tragedy of Kerbala taught humanity a lesson,
that standing for the truth and fighting unto death
for it is more honorable and valuable than
submitting to the wrongful, especially when the
survival of Islam is at stake.
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