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Plate Tectonics
– the earth’s crust
1) The Earth’s crust is not a continuous, solid
rock layer
2) The crust is broken up into smaller units
(pieces) called plates.
* Most of each plate is found beneath the oceans.
They form the ocean basins
* The part of each plate above the sea level
forms the continents.
Continental Drift
The theory that states that the continents are slowly drifting
across the globe.
Pangea – Super Continent
This giant landmass existed millions of years ago. All of the
continents were joined together like puzzle pieces.
•Movement of the continent is caused by
convection currents in the asthenosphere
•The asthenosphere is the upper part of the
mantle in which convection cells occur.
•The rock that makes up the asthenosphere
acts like a fluid. As a result convection can
take place there because of the movement.