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Volcanoes and Earth’s Moving
Chapter 12 section 1
Pages 330-335
What is a volcano?
• Opening in earth’s crust
Effects of Eruptions
• Pyroclastic flow
• Sulfurous gases
• Falling ash
How are volcanoes formed?
• Plate movement
• Subduction zones
Where do they occur?
• Plate boundaries
• Weak spots in the crust
When magma reaches the surface and flows
out an opening what is the opening called?
Where is magma collected before it’s
forced to earth’s surface?
True or False…..
On the eastern part of Asia there are many hot
What is it called when plates move
How were the Andes Mountains
A steep walled depression around a
volcanoes vent is a……..
What’s one way pyroclastic flow can
effect the environment?
How are volcanic mountains formed?
Direct effects
A volcano is…
How they form…