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8th Grade
Chapter 12, Section 1
Pop Quiz
1. The steep-walled depression around a volcano’s neck is called the _________________________________.
2. Each opening in the earth where lava oozes or gases leak out is a(n) ________________________________.
3. The name for an opening in Earth that erupts gases, ash, and lava is a(n)
4. A place of Earth’s crust where unusually hot magma has broken through the surface in the middle of a
tectonic plate is a(n)
5. The world’s most active volcano is ____________________________ in __________________________.
6. The land of fire and ice is ______________________________ because it sits on an area where plates move
apart, and the country is made of volcanoes.
7. Volcanic ash and debris that rushes down the side of a volcanic mountain is called a(n)
________________________________________. This can kill everything in its path.
8. Sulfurous gases from volcanoes mix with water vapor in the atmosphere forming
____________________________________, which can kill plants and aquatic life.
9. Magma comes to the surface of Earth’s crust because
10. Volcanoes occur at ___________________________________________,
________________________________________, and _____________________________________________.
11. ______________________________________________ sits on top of a hot spot volcano.
10. A fairly new island (formed in 1963) called _________________________________________ is an
example of an active volcano that is situated on a divergent boundary.
12. _________________________________________, on the island of Montserrat is an example of an active
volcano on a convergent boundary.
13. Earth has more than ________________________ active volcanoes.
14. Sometimes volcanic eruptions on the Mid-Atlantic ridge cause lava to cool and build up and eventually
form ______________________________.
15. The _____________________________________________ is a belt of active volcanoes that circles the
Pacific Ocean.
16. The large underground mass—or “room”—of magma that collects before it is forced to the surface of Earth
is called the ___________________________________________.