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Human Genetic Screening
Human Genome Project
U.S. govt. project launched in 1986 by Charles DeLisi.
Aims of the project:
- to identify the approximate 100,000 genes in the
human DNA.
- determine the sequences of the 3 billion bases that
make up human DNA.
- store this information in databases.
- develop tools for data analysis.
- address the ethical, legal, and social issues
How to perform a genetic screen:
Amniocentesis- Sampling of the amniotic sac fluidUse as early as 14-16 weeks
Chorionic Villus Sampling- Sampling of the placental
tissue – Use as early as 8-12 weeks
Identification of Genes
FISH- Florescence in situ hybridization
 Uses
florescent probes that bind to a specific gene