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DNA, Chromosomes & Genes
1. How many genes do we have? ___________________________
2. This complete set of genes is called the _____________________________.
3. What is a chromosome? __________________________________________
4. How many chromosomes do humans have? ______________________
and where are they found? ________________________________
5. Which is longer…DNA or a chromosome? ____________________________
6. How does DNA fit? ______________________________________________
7. What is a gene? ________________________________________________
8. Sequences of genes carry the information needed for ________________________.
9. What percentage of your DNA is identical to everyone else’s? _________________
10.Besides genetics, what else influences our traits? __________________________
11. The father of Genetics is _____________________________________
Chromosomes are located in the nucleus of our cells. They are made
up of long strands of DNA. Genes are “hereditary units” made up of
DNA. Image Source: The New Genetics: Chapter 1: How Genes Work
- National Institute of Medical Sciences.