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Who am I?
1. I collect an amino
acid and take it to the
mRNA strand
Who am I?
2. I am an ion containing
both positively and
negatively charged groups
Who am I?
3. I am a bifunctional
compound with a
carboxylic acid and amine
Who am I?
4. I am a hormone
produced in the pancreas
Who am I?
5. I am the region in an
enzyme where binding to
the substrate happens
Who am I?
6. I have a carbon atom
with four different
groups of atoms attached
Who am I?
7. I am a DNA segment
responsible for a
particular protein
Who am I?
8. I am the full set of
genes for an organism
Who am I?
9. I can tell you which
fragments a molecule is
made up from
Who am I?
10. I can tell you which
bonds are present in a
Who am I?
11. I can tell you about
the numbers of hydrogen
nuclei in different
Who are we?
12. We are molecules
which are nonsuperimposable mirror
Who am I?
13. I am the cell’s
catalyst for protein
Who am I?
14. I tell you the order of
amino acids in a protein
Who am I?
15. I am the slowest step
in a reaction mechanism
Who am I?
16. I am the time taken
for half of a particular
reagent to be used up
Who am we?
17. We realised that pairs
of bases in DNA formed
hydrogen bonds and that
DNA was hence made up
of a double helix
Who am I?
18. I am a tiny circular
piece of DNA found in
bacteria cells
Who am I?
19. I am the bond
responsible for the
folding of proteins to give
helices and sheets
Who am I?
20. I am a triplet base
code for an amino acid
used in mRNA