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Rachel Toward
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Type Of Economy
• The population of Greece is about 98% ethnic
Greek. About 1% of the population is
classified by the Greek Government as
Muslim. Most of the Muslims are of Turkish
descent. About 100,000 Muslims live in
Thrace. The remainder of the population
includes people of Slavic, Albanian, and
Armenian descent, as well as Vlachos a
people who speak a Romanian dialect.
Greece’s Resources
Sea food
Natural resources:
petroleum, marble,
hydropower, magnetite,
lignite, bauxite (and
Independence Day
• March 25 is both a national (revolution
against the Turks) and religious holiday
(Annunciation). March 25 is the name day
for Vangelis or Evangelos and Vangelio or
Evangelia or Eva.
• There is a school flag parade in every town
and village and a big armed forces parade in
Athens , the capital of Greece .
GDP total/ GDP per capita
GDP per capita
Currency and Inflation Rate
Population of country
highest city population
• Athens
• The Greek capital has a population of
745,514 (in 2001) within its
administrative limits and a land area of
39 km2 (15 sq mi)
Labor force, unemployment rate, % of
population below poverty line
• Labor Force: 4.92 Million (2007 Est.)
• Unemployment Rate: 8.3% (2007 Est.)
• Population below poverty line: NA%
Top 3 industries
• The shipping industry is a key element of
Greek economic activity dating back to
ancient times. Today, shipping is one of the
country's most important industries. It
accounts for 4.5% of GDP, employs about
160,000 people (4% of the workforce), and
represents 1/3 of the country's trade deficit.
Top 3 agriculture products
• Agriculture in Greece suffers not only from
natural limitations, such as poor soils and
droughts, but also from soil erosion, lack of
fertilizers, and insufficient capital
• The total agricultural workforce was
794,000 people in 1999.
3 main exports
• Exports - commodities: food and beverages,
manufactured goods, petroleum products,
chemicals, textiles
3 top import partners
• Germany 12.9%, Italy 11.7%, Russia 5.6%,
France 5.6%, China 5%, Netherlands 5%
Top 3 Ethnic, Religions, Languages
• Ethnic Groups: Greek
98%, other 2% note: the
Greek Government
states there are no
ethnic divisions in
• Religions: Orthodox
Highest mountain: Mt Olympus, 2917 m
Capital: Athens
Natural hazards: earthquakes
National Holiday: 25 March (1821 Day
when the war of independence broke out.)
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