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Embedded Stroke Evaluation
Amanda Sweeney, 4ECE
Supervisor: Martin Glavin
Presentation Overview
• Project Description
• Progress to Date
• Work Remaining
Project Description
• This project involves the development of an embedded
system that will allow an occupational therapist to
objectively and accurately measure the severity of
stroke suffered by patients in their care
• The system will measure and record pressure, force,
position and speed of the wrist action, to allow the
therapist to assess the severity of the stroke
Progress to Date
• Strip Board - Design & Build
• Voltage Regulator Circuit - Design & Build
• Connecting LCD to MPU - IDE cables
• Programming the LCD - To display text
Printed Circuit Board
• Strip Board Components
– 3 FSR’s
– 3 83 0hm Resistors
– 9V Battery
• The sensors operate as a component of a voltage
divider circuit
• The outputs from the circuit are transmitted to an
ADUC831 circuit board
Voltage Regulator Circuit
• A voltage regulator is an electrical regulator
designed to automatically maintain a constant
voltage level.
1. Input : Unregulated Voltage
2. Ground
3. Output: Regulated voltage
Connecting LCD to MPU
• IDE cables to connect the pins on the LCD to the MPU
made up according to pin assignment in T6963C
Programming the LCD …
• After power on it is necessary to drive RST
low for a minimum of 2 microseconds to
ensure proper reset of the T6963C.
• Initialize LCD
– The controller must then be initialized with a
series of commands to set up the various modes
and options available to the user.
… Programming the LCD
• Status Check
– Before every data read, data write or command
write the status of the LCD must be checked to
ensure that it is ready to communicate with the
– This means simultaneously checking the status of
STA0 and STA1 i.e. D0 and D1 respectively, both of
these must be “1” to enable command execution
capability and data read/write capability.
… Programming the LCD …
Data Transmission
… Programming the LCD
30h, 32h, 25h, 33h, 33h, 35h, 32h, 25h, 1Ah
Work Remaining …
• Serial Communication
• Integrate Keypad and Buzzer
• Position & Speed of Wrist Action
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