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Adam Lebaigue pg 42
Modern Materials
Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD’s):
 Organic carbon based products that exhibit both liquid and solid
 When a voltage is applied to a cell on the screen the cell goes dark
 A very small amount of voltage is needed to run them so they are
ideal for cells phones and other portable devices
 In colour LCD’s each pixel is divided into three sub pixels with
red, blue or green filters
 By controlling the voltage applied to each sub pixel the sub pixel
can range over 256 colours
Phosphorescent Pigments:
 They absorb energy and keep this energy for some time after the
energy source has gone
 They then release the energy later in the form of light
 They are NOW non-radioactive
 They can be incorporated into paints and inks to produce products
which glow in the dark.
 They are used in such places as safety signs (exit signs) and wrist
Electroluminescent Lighting:
 Converts electrical energy into light for luminescence
 It does this by applying a voltage across electrodes
 An organic phosphor is wedged between the two electrodes, the
voltage rapidly charges the crystals
 The crystals then emit radiation in the form of light
 EL lighting has an extremely low power consumption
 Used in backlights for LCD displays
 Used in the form of paper thin wires, strips of panels
 They are waterproof, highly visible and extremely reliable