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When electrons are
transferred from one
object to another by
direct contact.
Two examples of
static electricity
The region around
the charged object
Electrons are
transferred from one
object to another
through this method
of charging
This picture
illustrates what loss
of static electricity?
This is the mixture
within a battery
where chemical
reactions occur
This is the part of the
cell through which
charges enter or exit
The type of battery
shown here
The energy of a
battery measured in
Describe the energy
transfer in a battery
The unit for
measuring current
Name and describe
the 2 types of current
If you decrease the
resistance, the
current will…
Find the current
produced if the
voltage is 56 volts
and the resistance is
7 ohms.
A long thin wire will
have what type of
A switch is used to…
The 3 parts of a
In this type of circuit,
if one light goes out,
they all go out.
In a parallel circuit,
each load …
These devices protect
your circuits from
The inventor of the
light bulb
Name this scientist
and 2 of his
contributions to the
study of electricity
The inventor of the
battery shown here:
The device shown
here was invented
The unit to measure
power is named for
this scientist: