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Reading is available from web site. Read it closely by next
Thursday and be prepared to discuss in class!!!
Urban Forestry project, we'll probably start on campus. Meet
in Rm. 202, as usual, next week.
Urban forestry
Ideas about how to incorporate new
technology into botanical collections
and studies.
A bit of plant ecology but will also
allow you to practice identifying trees
that you will see on a daily basis.
Muller's ratchet
Haldane's rule
Levels of evolution
Genes or DNA
Species flock or grove
Ecological community
Individuals are the level where
natural selection acts most directly
Plants can have tremendous fecundity.
Recruitment rates are extremely low.
Life history strategies are plastic and
adaptive to local environments.
Ploidy level variation exists within
Shifting due to climate change
Sex-ratios can vary.
Effective population size.
Pollen and seed migrate differently.
Environmental gradients.
The coin and currency of conservation.
Reproductive Isolation Mechanisms.