Download Stuff you need to know – Week 9 Populations: definition of, density

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Stuff you need to know – Week 9
Populations: definition of, density vs dispersal, reproductive strategies (semelparity vs
iteroparity, seasonal vs continuous)
Demography: factors that influence population size & structure over time
Type I, II, III survivorship curves
Survivorship & fecundity: definition of, relationship between.
Life tables, survivorship, age specific fecundity, product of two, net reproductive rate
Discrete growth rate (), instantaneous growth rate (r), relationship between two
Intrinsic rate of increase (rmax)
Exponential growth vs logistic growth, carrying capacity (K), logistic growth equation
Density independent vs density independent factors regulating populations
r vs K selected species
Community ecology – species interactions
Community: definition of, relative scale compared to populations & biomes
Species interactions: direct interactions (5 basic types)
Competition: definition of, concept of niche, competitive exclusion principle,
fundamental vs realized niche, symmetric vs asymmetric competition
Mutualistic interactions
Antagonistic interactions/Consumption: herbivory vs parasitism vs predation,
constitutive vs inducible defenses, mimicry (batesian vs mullerian)