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Introduction to Ecology
What Is Biology?
Biology comes from the Greek ology meaning science and biomeaning life. So Biology is the
study of life.
What Is Ecology?
Ecology is the study of the
interaction of organisms with
their environment.
The Biosphere
 Thin
layer of earth where life is supported.
Bio- means life. Sphere means circle.
 Closed system in terms of materials.
What does this mean? Implies that
materials must be recycled.
 Open system in terms of energy. What
does this mean?
Ecosystems are all the organisms in an area
and their interactions with their environment.
Old-growth forests of
the Northwest
Chesapeake Bay
Components of an
Courtesy of
What Is a Species?
Horse x Donkey = Mule
Each species occupies a
unique role
Populations and Communities
All the members of a species in a certain
area are called a population.
All the populations of all the different
species in an area make up the