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Essential Question: What meanings did myths about
gods, goddesses, and heroes have for the ancient
Greeks? What meanings do the Greek myths have for us
 Myths are traditional stories that are passed down by
word of mouth and visual arts. They convey common
beliefs in a particular society about natural
phenomenon, historical events, and proper behavior.
Three types of themes in
Greek myths:
 Heroes, gods and
 “How it came to be”
 Proper behavior
Characteristics of a typical
Greek hero:
 Strong
 Not necessarily a good
role model
 Quick thinking
 Willing to do what
others won’t
 Self-confident
 Courageous
 Intelligent
 Resourceful
 Ability to accept
responsibility for errors
 Strong, possess
 Accepts helps when
Characteristics of a typical
Greek god or goddess:
 Very powerful
 Human like flaws
 Immortal
 Like to meddle in human
 Historical Events
 Flowers & plants
 Stars, sun and moon
 Geographical features
 Animal characteristics
 Seasons and climate
Greek customs of proper
 Hospitality
 Respect of elders
 Interest in family
 Self-control
Video learning
 Zeus:
 Hera:
 Ruler of the gods. He is
 Wife & sister of Zeus.
lord of the sky & the rain
god. His weapon is a
thunderbolt which he
hurls at those who
displease him.
She is the queen of the
gods & protector of
marriage and takes
special care of married
 Poseidon:
 Hades:
 Poseidon is the brother
 Brother of Zeus & lord
of Zeus and lord of the
sea. His weapon is a
trident, which can shake
the earth, and shatter
any object. He is second
only to Zeus in power
amongst the gods. He
has a difficult
quarrelsome personality.
of the underworld,
ruling over the dead.
 Demeter:
 Persephone:
 Goddess of the earth,
 Daughter of Demeter,
corn and crops.
wife of Hade, queen of
the underworld.
 Ares:
 Apollo:
 Ares is the son of Zeus
 Apollo is the son of Zeus
and Hera. He was
disliked by both parents.
He is the god of war. He
is considered murderous
and bloodstained but,
also a coward.
and Leto. His twin sister
is Artemis. He is the god
of music, archery,
light, truth, &healing
who taught man
 Athena:
 Hephaestus:
 Goddess of wisdom,
 Son of Zeus and Hera He
warfare and crafts.
Athena is the daughter of
Zeus. She sprang full
grown in armor from his
forehead, thus has no
is the only god to be
physically ugly & lame
He is the god of fire
and the forge & is the
smith and armorer of
the gods using a volcano
as his forge.
 Hermes:
 Aphrodite:
 Messenger of the gods.
 Goddess of love, desire
(He wears winged
sandals, a winged hat,
and carries a magic
wand.) He is the god of
travelers, trickery,
theft, commerce and
and beauty.
 Eros (Cupid):
 Dionysus:
 The god of love.
 The god of liberation,
wine, music, theater
and fertility.