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Greek Gods and Goddesses
By: Lindsay Burger
• Athena was the goddess of
wisdom. She was also the
goddess of handicrafts and
strategy.She only wanted to
fight if she was forced to and
she always won.She hated Ares
so she to pleasure in thwarting
him when in battle. Athena
never had any weapons. Her
symbol was the distaff aegis.
She was the goddess of growing plants.She
makes the seasons change.this all
happened when Hades stole her daughter
Persephone, to marry her.While she was
gone it stayed winter for a year because
Demeter was mourning.Persephone could
only visit her mom 6 months out of the
year.Her roman name is Ceres. Her symbols
were the ear of wheat and grains.
• Hera was the queen of gods. She was always jealous
because her husband Zeus was with other women 6 days a
week. She was also the goddess of all married women.Her
roman name was Juno.Her symbol was pomegranate.
• She was the mother of six of the
more recent gods. Her only true
role was to be the wife of Cronus.
When five of her kids were
swallowed, she saved Zeus and dethrown Cronus.Her roman name is
Cybele. Rhea had no weapons.