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® First planet from
the sun.
®Has no moons.
®Has no rings.
®88 days in a year.
®59 days to spin on
its axis.
©It’s 4,900 km
©It’s only visible in
twilight hours.
©We could not
live on Mercury .
©It’s a dry dusty
Second planet
from the sun.
↕ Has no moons.
↕ Has no rings.
↕ 224.7=one year.
↕ It takes 243
days to spin on
it’s axis.
‼ It’s 12,100 km across.
‼ It’s the brightest object in
the night sky after the
‼ It’s sometimes called
Earths sister.
→Third planet from the
→Has one moon.
→Has no rings.
→365.3 days = one year.
→There is 24 hours in a
>It’s 12,756 km across.
>12 months = one year.
>It’s the only planet with
♪ Fourth planet from the sun.
♪ Has 2 moons.
♪ Has no rings.
♪ 687 days= one year.
♪ It takes 24.5 days to spin on
it’s axis
↔It’s 6,806 km across.
↔It’s sometimes called
The red planet.
↔It was very hot inside.
↔It’s a very dusty
►Fifth planet from
the sun.
►Has sixteen
►Has two rings.
►1 year = 12 years
on Earth.
►It takes 9.8 hours
to spin on it’s
It’s 778 km across.
It looks like a bright star
in the sky from earth.
If hollow 1300 Earths
could fit in it.
♠ Sixth planet from
the sun.
♠ At least 8 rings.
♠ At least 17
♠ 129.5 days = 1
♠ 107 days to spin
on it’s axis.
♣ It looks like a
faint star.
♣ Named after the
roman god of
♣ It’s made up of
♣ It spins around
very quickly.
☺Seventh planet from the
sun .
☺At least 15 moons.
☺Has ten rings.
☺Takes 17 hours to spin on
it’s axis.
☺84 earth days = 1 year.
♥ It’s 52,400 km
♥ It’s 2,870 km
from the sun.
♥ It spins different
from the other
♥ It is the last of the
giant gas planets.
♫Eighth planet
from the sun.
♫Has eight moons.
♫Has four rings.
♫165 earth years =
one year.
♫It takes 16 hours
to spin on it’s
☼2.8 billion miles
from the sun.
☼Has two dark
storm spots.
☼Had only two
☼4,500 km from
the sun.