Download Solar System Rap Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn

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Solar System Rap
Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Pluto.
Let’s Go, YO, YO
I’m the Sun, when you see me from a far, I twinkle, Why Because I‘m a
star. I give off heat and light and when you’re not facing me (what, what)
it’s night.
I’m Mercury, I’m closest to the sun, and my surface is grey, yea my surface
it great. I have no water and my year lasts 88 days, yo…..88 days.
My name is Venus, I am made of rock and have a metal core. My clouds
are acidic and yellow. And I have volcanoes galore.
My name is Earth, I’m a planet that’s blue and green. Please recycleman
to keep me clean. One moon goes around. Plants grow up from the
Ok Listen, yea, I’m Mars, I’m the red planet. Two moons, red rocks, ice
caps at the top. You can see me at night because I give off crimson light.
I’m Jupiter. I’m the largest planet in the sky, bigger than all other planets
combined. I gotta a Great Red Spot and over sixty moons. Different
colored clouds with plenty of room.
Hi my name is Saturn. You can see my rings (see my rings) that are gold,
brown, and white, made of dust and rock and plenty of ice.
Yo check this out, my name is Uranus. Like Earth, I am green and blue.
And like Saturn, I have rings too. I’m the third largest in the group (yea)
and my rings have a vertical loop.
My name is Neptune. My color is dark blue. Around me I have 1,2 ..13
moons. I have a Great Dark Spot and I’m really cold, not hot- yo.
Hi my name is Pluto. I’m the farthest from the sun. So I’m really cold. And
I’m a small ball of ice that’s brown tinted gold.
Aye, the end…Lets Go!