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I have a face, three arms
and no legs. Who am I?
A night watchman was on duty
one night and he had a dream
that someone was in the owners
office. He woke up and went to
check in the office and someone
was stealing a million dollars
from his vault. He caught the
thief and turned him into the
police, then when the owner
found out he thanked the guard
and fired him. Why?
A large collection of stars is called a
galaxy. This is a photo graph made by
the Hubble telescope of deep space.
What was once thought to be individual
stars turned out to be huge collections
of stars.
Astronomers estimate that there are
about 200 billion galaxies in the known
The galaxy that our sun is in is called
the Milky Way Galaxy.
This is an
n of what
the Milky
looks like.
Some basic Milky Way facts:
1. The
Milky Way is a barredspiral galaxy.
2. The
main disk is approx. 100,000
light years in diameter and 1000 light
years thick.
3. The Sun orbits the galactic center
every 250 million years.
4. The Sun is about 26,000 light
years out from the galactic center.
5. Each star in the galaxy is in its
own, individual orbit. The spiral
arms are only temporary areas
where stars have piled up.
Milky Way Galaxy hyperlink
Different types of galaxies
I. Spiral Galaxies
II. Elliptical Galaxies
III. Irregular Galaxies
I. Spiral Galaxies
II. Elliptical Galaxies
III. Irregular Galaxies
Two prevailing theories on how the
universe was created:
Big Bang
Creation of the universe