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Earth science big bang study guide
Students will know the following:
• Identify various lab equipment and their uses (beaker, flask, graduated cylinder, lab
stand, etc.)
• Lab safety rules
• Steps of the scientific method
• How to convert in the metric system
• How to run a valid experiment
• Definitions of independent variable, dependent variable, control, and constant
• How to identify variables in an experiment
• How the universe was formed and how long ago
• Evidence that supports the big bang
• The difference between a theory and a law
• What is a galaxy
• Facts about the milky way galaxy
• Where our solar system is located in the milky way galaxy
• How astronomers study galaxies
• How astronomers classify galaxies
• Difference between geocentric and heliocentric model
• The famous scientists who contributed to our current understanding of the heliocentric
model of the solar system