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Miss Fry
Review Sheet-Test over the Sun, solar system, galaxies, etc.
1. What are the three layers of the sun’s interior? What part is
responsible for fusion?
2. What are the three layers of the Sun’s atmosphere? Be able to
describe them briefly, such as lowest layer, the visible surface, etc…
3. What is the solar wind? What happens when the solar wind gets
trapped in the Van Allen Belts?
4. What are sunspots? Why do they happen? (hint: magnetic fields)
5. What are solar flares and solar prominences?
6. What is fusion?
7. What are asteroids? Meteroids? Meteors? Meteorites?
8. What is the “Belt” between Mars and Jupiter, and what do most
scientists say prevented it from becoming a planet?
9. Explain the sun’s life cycle, and what will happen to it about 5 billion
years down the road.
10. Explain the life cycle of a star that is 8-20 times the size of our sun.
11. Explain the life cycle of a star that is 20 times the size of our sun.
12. What is a neutron star?
13. What is a black hole?
14. What is a white dwarf?
15. What is a supernova?
16. What is a red giant?
17. What is the H-R diagram and the main sequence?
18. What is a galaxy?
19. What is the Milky Way?
20. About how many other stars are in our galaxy besides our Sun?
21. What type of galaxy is the Milky Way?
22. Know the four types of galaxies and if shown drawings, be able to
label which type it is.
23. What is cosmology?
24. What is the Big Bang theory?
25. What are the three theories as to what will happen to our universe?