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Name: Teacher Example
Using Text Features
Title & Page
Type of Text
Special Type – Bold text
1000 Facts About
Pg 4
Description of
Text Feature
The word galaxies is in bold or darken
print. This tells me that the word is an
important vocabulary word in the text and I
should identify the definition of it.
How Does the Text Feature
Help You as a Reader?
Special types in a nonfiction text, help to expand our
vocabulary by using context clues or the glossary
to define the word. According to the text, galaxies are
huge swarms of stars in space. This is an important
vocabulary word in the text because the book is all about
space and what it is made up of. By understanding the
word galaxies I now understand that every star, even the sun,
is part of a larger group of stars. The sun is part of the
Milky Way.