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Do you know why children, your age, are suffering from fatal diseases? Unhealthy eating
habits and lazy lifestyle is the answer. The food most children normally eat, is high in
cholesterol, salt and sugar. High intake of Cholesterol and fats block the arteries.
h igh amount of salt in food causes high blood pressure.
Looks scary? Not if you watch your diet. One way to watch your diet
is to read the labels on the packets. They tell you what each food
contains, so that you can choose the food with less fats and salt.
Substitute fat foods for food rich in vitamins and minerals such as
vegetables and fish. Snack on fruits instead of chips. Drink fresh
juice instead of fizzy drinks that give you empty calories. Add honey
and fresh salad to your diet; they make you feel fresh and energetic.
Bake, grill or steam your food instead of frying or barbecuing.
It is important to lead a healthy life style. Do not miss breakfast.
Balance the food you eat with physical activities like exercises
and long walks. Most importantly, dont over eat. Chew your food
well and relax while eating.
Eat to feel good, look better, achieve more and stay healthy for
C. Paraphrase the main Ideas.
1- No one is ever too young to think about eating healthy.
2- Why children are suffering from the mentioned
3- Watch your diet to choose the healthy food for you.
4- Eat to feel good, look better, achieve more and stay
healthy for longer.
A) Put [ T ] or [ F ] :-
1- Food should be various and healthy . [
2- Fruit, vegetables, milk and yoghurt are bad for
health. [ ]
3- Soda water must be avoided. [