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Transfer Revision - Year 9 Revision Questions
1. What are the 5 main nutrients found in food?
2. What 2 units are used to measure energy?
3. List 6 factors that influence how much energy a person requires.
4. Complete the table
1g protein
1g carbohydrate
1g fat
5. Name 3 foods rich in iron.
6. What disease is caused by a lack of iron?
7. Give 4 reason why our body needs food.
8. Give 4 points describing how dietary fibre works.
9. Name 3 breakfast cereals high in dietary fibre.
10. Name 3 ways too much sugar in your diet may affect you?
11. Give 3 ways we could reduce our sugar intake?
12. Name 3 groups within carbohydrates.
13. What are the functions of carbohydrates?
14. Why are carbohydrate foods useful to us?
15. Name 2 functions of protein in the body
16. Give 3 examples of:
17. What is a carbon footprint?
18. List 3 reasons why we should buy produce from Northern Ireland.
19. Give 3 benefits of eating vegetables as part of a balanced diet.
20. What is an antioxidant?
21. Give 2 points to consider when choosing vegetables.
22. State 2 disadvantages of buying prepacked fruit and vegetables.
23. Explain the following terms.
(a) Home produced vegetables
(b) Imported vegetables
What is another name for Vitamin C?
Give 4 effects of cooking vegetables.
Name 4 foods rich in Vitamin C.
Vitamin D helps the body absorb
Vitamin C helps the body absorb
28. Name 2 water soluble vitamins
Name 2 fat soluble vitamins
29. (a) Vitamin C helps make
(b) Lack of Vitamin C causes
30. (a) How much salt is recommended per day?
(b) What is the average current UK consumption of salt per day?
31. Give 3 ways we could cut down salt in the body
Give 2 benefits of eating less salt.
33. Why is salt needed in the body?
34. What is the chemical name for salt?
35. Give 3 suggestions of how food could be flavoured instead of using salt.
Fats which come from animal are called __________ and fats that come
from plants are called ____________.
39. Which type of the above is better for you and why?
40. How could you cut down on fat in your diet? (explain 4 ways)
41. Name one unsaturated fat and one saturated fat
42. Can you think of any disadvantages of eating out too often?
43. Give 4 reasons why our body needs fat.
44. What is cholesterol?
45. List risk factors for CHD (apart from the diet).
46. Explain the term obesity.
47. Why is unsaturated fat important for the body?
What are PIES ?
Give 2 examples of each
P ________
(i) ___________________
(ii) __________________
I _____________
(i) ___________________
(ii) __________________
E ____________
(i) ___________________
(ii) __________________
S ____________
(i) ___________________
(ii) __________________
49. Explain the term ‘food fad’
50. Suggest 3 reasons why adolescents skip breakfast.
51. Suggest 3 reasons why teenagers are more adventurous with their food
52. (a) Suggest 4 ways we could be more energy efficient in the kitchen.
(b) Suggest 4 ways we could help reduce heat escaping from the house.
Name 4 resources we use to create energy in the home.
Give 3 examples of how we could save water within the home.