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Teen Living
7.02 Notes
Food Guide Pyramid
 Gives
the daily recommended number of
servings from each food group.
 Customized for individuals at
Food Groups—Dairy Products
 Provide
calcium for strong bones and
 Examples are milk, yogurt, cheese, and
Food Groups—Bread and Cereal
 Good
source of fiber, which aids in
 The dietary guidelines recommend a diet
high in fiber.
 Provide energy
 You should get ½ of all daily calories from
complex carbs
 Examples: Breads, cereals, pasta
Food Groups—Protein
 Complete
proteins provide all of the
essential amino acids needed by a person.
 One serving of meat is 2 to 3 ounces…the
size of a deck of cards!
 Examples: Meat, poultry, fish, peanut
butter, legumes (beans), and eggs.
Food Groups—Fruits and
 Provide
the best source of vitamins
 Vitamin C is found in orange juice
 Raisins are rich in iron
 Too many vitamins can be just as
dangerous as not enough vitamins!
Food Groups—Fats, Oils, and
 Eat
food from this group sparingly!
 People in the US receive most of their
sugar intake from soft drinks.
 Olive oil is a healthy form of oil for
 70%
of body weight is water!
 You need 6-8 glasses per day
 You also get water from the food you eat.
 30
minutes of aerobic exercise a week is
Reducing Cholesterol
 Replace
foods high in cholesterol (eggs,
cheese, steak) with beans.
 Reduce the amount of saturated fats in
your diet.
Reducing Salt
 Season
foods with herbs and spices
instead of salt.
 Always count snacks as a part of your total
daily food intake.
Vegetarian Diets
Meat is eliminated from the diet
 Main concern is getting enough protein
Eat foods such as beans and rice to obtain proteins
Always get professional nutritional counseling
before following a strict vegetarian diet
 An ethical reason for following a vegetarian diet
is the belief that it is wrong to kill and eat