Download Vegan Diet – a diet that excludes foods of animal origin

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41. Vegan Diet – a diet that excludes foods of
animal origin
42. Relapse - the return to a previous behavior
or condition
43. Character - a person’s use of self control to
act on responsible values
44. Cerebrum - the largest part of the brain that
controls the ability to memorize, think, and
45. Puberty - the stage of growth when
someone becomes capable of producing
46. Apgar - a score that rates certain vitals of a
baby, including heart rate and ability to react
47. Pore - opening of the narrow channel that
leads to a gland
48. Prenatal Care - the care that is given to the
mother-to-be and baby before birth
49. Static Stretching - stretching the muscle to
a point where a pull is felt and holding the
stretch for 15-20 sec.
50. Empathy - the ability to share in another
person’s emotions or feelings
51. Botulism - a food-borne illness in which
bacteria contaminates improperly canned foods
52. Albino - a person or animal lacking the
cells that produce melanin
53. Tetanus - bacteria that grows in the body
and produces a poison that affects the nervous
54. Cardiomyapathy – a disease in which the
heart weakens and enlarges, and blood cannot
pump effectively
55. Dementia - a general decline in all areas of
mental functioning
56. Polio - a disease that causes inflammation
of the spinal cord and can result in paralysis
57. Aneurysm - a blood-filled weak spot that
balloons out from the artery wall
58. Conscience- an inner sense of right and
wrong that prompts responsible behavior
and/or guilt
59. Vena Cava - one of the two large veins
that return blood rich in carbon dioxide to the
right atrium
60. Digestion - the process by which food is
changed so that it can be absorbed by the
body’s cell