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George Frederickson
Cancer Over-Comer
ACC Adjunct Management Dept
Be sure to consult your physician before modifying
your diet including adding dietary supplements or
engaging in a rigorous exercise program
Executive Summary
The Good!
• More and more people are Beating
The Bad
• Many Cancer rates are still increasing
• Eat to Beat Cancer
• Live Strong-Improving your overall Health
The Gains
• Life and more of it for you and your family
Everything in this presentation will improve your overall health- not just cancer prevention!
Begin defending yourself NOW!
 Cancer develops in the body over a lifetime
 A slow steady progression that may take 10, 20, 30
years to become detectable
 Effective countermeasures should be employed over
your lifetime
 Lines of defense should be formed 10 to 20 years before
cancer might become detected
 Long before you discover mutinous cells, you can be
preventing them!
The cancer life-cycle
• Assault
on cell
Assault Agents:
•Chemical (Toxins)
• Corrupt
DNA is
• Uncontrolled
cell divisions
• >1 Billion
Causes of cancer
Landmark studies indicate that up to 90% of cancer originates from the environment
“Two-thirds of all cancer cases can be traced to lifestyle, including obesity and poor diet.”
Smoking, 30%
Diet, 60%
Occupation, 5%
Virus, 2.5%
Radiation, 2.5%
The best defense against cancer
Eating right
Living right
It’s what we eat, Stupid!
 What we eat is a major determinant in heart disease
and cancer- the most common causes of premature
 Increasingly, studies have shown foods can provide
significant protection against heart disease, toxicity
and cancer
 Eating the right foods is like putting on a shield of
The Power of Life is in Life
 FRESH fruits and vegetables provide thousands of life-giving
substances that cannot be found in processed foods or pills
 Plants have qualities that allow them to withstand disease,
drought, intense sunlight, extreme temperatures, bugs, etc.
 Processing, pasteurizing, canning, cooking, baking etc.
destroy much if not all of the life-protecting qualities in live
Processed foods taste good and make the manufacturer a lot of
money, but degrade our bodies ability to stay strong
Super Eight Food Groups
“The underpinnings of your body armor against disease”
Nuts and Seeds
• Onion, garlic, asparagus
• Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower
• Pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts
• Corn, oats, rice, wheat
• Soybean, green and wax beans, peas
• Citrus, fruits, berries
• Tomatoes, potatoes
• Carrots, celery
Tips for your success
 Everyday eat as many Super 8 fresh food choices as is
Try to consume a plant-based rather than meat-based
Do not eat burnt, overcooked or foods cooked at
searing temperatures. Preferred cooking methods;
steaming, broiling and light baking
Use olive, sesame seed, or macadamia nut oil in
Take daily supplements; especially beta carotene, B12,
time release C, E and Selenium
Don’t panic, Eat organic!
• Hormones
• Antibiotics
Toxic metals
• Healthful agents (i.e. Resveratrol in organic grapes)
• Essential vitamins and minerals
• Taste and you can eat the skin!
Eliminate as many sources of toxins in your life as is possible
Why over-processed food is unhealthy
Strips away anti-cancer agents i.e. glutathione
Toxic products are formed by heat
May form unnatural amino acids i.e. lysinoalanine
(Toxic and known to disrupt the manufacture of DNA)
Plant fiber is degraded or removed
Irradiation believed to produce radiolytic products which are toxic to animals
Over-processed food con’t
Minerals are lost
Fat is added- especially trans-fats
Sugar is added
Non-nutritive sweeteners are added
Processing of foods has been shown to cause allergies
Foods to avoid
 Diet soft-drinks (Have you ever read the label? What
is all that stuff?)
 Processed meats: Contain nitrates, nitrites, and
nitrosamines- known carcinogens
 Pork: No it’s not the other white meat!
 Artificial sweeteners
 Preservatives, dyes
 Hydrogenated oils
Toxins in our bodies
Every year over 1,000 new chemicals introduced to
stockpile of over 70,000 used by chemical industry
There are over 600 chemicals detected in the human
body that were not present prior to 1900
A growing number of diseases related to escalating
chemical exposure
Reducing pollutants deters the risk of many chronic
diseases including cancer
“It’s the dose that makes the poison.”
Ten ways to reduce pollutants
If you eat meat, eat only free-range meat and eggs
Eat more organic fruits and vegetables
Reduce / eliminate pesticides
Peel or wash commercial produce
Eat more fiber
Drink only purified water
Don’t drink tap water
Don’t use aluminum, teflon or plastic in cooking
Make sure your home is lead-free
Additional de-toxing ideas
 Get lots of fresh air- get out of the building and go for walks,
sleep with a window open, keep windows open around the house
 Get 20 minutes of body sun each day (Avoid 10am – 2pm sun)
 Produces the Sunshine Vitamin (D) which has been shown to help
prevent cancer
 Use only natural soaps, cleaners, lotions, deodorants, shampoos
 Install 5 stage reverse osmosis water purifier under your kitchen
sink. Use for drinking and cooking
 Drink LOTS of purified water every day
 Install water filters on tubs and showers
 Use a loofah to scrub your entire body when showering
 End shower with 1 – 2 minute cold water rinse
“As a man thinks, so is he.”
More research is showing a strong correlation between physiology and psychology
Fact: A negative, stressful attitude weakens the immune system
• Have a positive attitude!
• Laugh a lot and out loud
(raises white cell count)
• Forgive quickly
• Have faith
• Celebrate life and the
good in people
Sweat the small stuff
Hold grudges
Be negative
Look for the bad in
others and life
• Live in fear
Condition your body with exercise
 In 2005 the Journal of American Medical Association
reported that walking just 3 – 5 hours a week could
boost a woman’s breast cancer survival rate by 50%
 Exercise at least 20 mins 3 days per week by walking
or working out:
 Reduce anxiety or depression
 Reduce fatigue
 Reduce risk of heart disease
 Improve blood flow
 Improve self-esteem
You should sleep on it
 Strive for 8 hours of sleep per day:
 While sleeping the body creates melatonin which has
anti-oxidant properties
 Lack of sleep impacts the body’s ability to create
melatonin and cortisol which regulates the activities of
the immune system and the cells that fight off cancerous