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Работу выполнили:
ученицы 7Б класса
Лицея №18
Щеглова Юлия и
Воробьёва Анастасия
г.Новочебоксарск, 2013г.
To keep fit:
1.Do sports
2.Eat healthy food
3.Take Vitamins
There are many opportunities for keeping fit. First of all, it is necessary to
do exercises. People of different ages can design exercises that will fit them.
Running, jumping, swimming, bending and stretching are among the most
popular exercises. Many people prefer jogging, which is the cheapest and the
most accessible sport. Walking is a very popular activity too. Even moderate
physical activity can protect against heart disease and strokes as well as
improve general health and the quality of life.
Healthy eating
For people to be healthy is must be eating right. Proper nutrition is to
use as many fresh fruits and vegetables and as little as possible, semifinished and frozen foods. Organism is different of all different
people and food is also different. Someone is on a diet, some eat
everything, without fear of deviations in the health, someone eats
only selected products. To keep fit, you need to have a smaller dough,
pay special attention to the fresh salads and low-fat foods, drink
plenty of fresh juices and herbal teas. Without fail eat foods rich in
animal and plant proteins which are the basic building blocks for your
body. This maybe meat, milk products, lean fish.
As for the diet, they are different and do not always help to achieve the
desired result.
There are diets that do not comply with recommended because they are
harmful to the body and can damage human health. Best of all, of course,
do not follow any diet and just eat healthy food. Every person wants to
have a strong, healthy, strengthening of immunity and for that, you only
need to eat healthy food.There is a tasty, fresh and healthy food.
You need to look after yourselves, to enrich the body with vitamins, and
then health will be at the highest level.
Junk food
Avoid cluttering the body of chemical
waste, harmful additives. All of these
harmful substances are abundantly present
in the products from the store: canned
foods, sausages, cheeses, etc. If you can not
eliminate these foods from your diet, try to
replace the purchased products to the home
of its own making.
Food that should be
excluded from the diet:
Refined sugar and products containing it :
jams, jellies, bubble gum, cakes, marmalades, ice
cream, sorbets, soft drinks, cakes, cookies,
puddings, sweetened fruit juices, canned fruit.
Alcohol drinks
Unfortunately, our time has a very crucial
problem of excessive drinking alcohol. It should
be said that the harm of alcohol in large
quantities is obvious. Alcohol moves through the
blood and into all organs, thus exerting an
adverse effect on them, up to their complete
Vitamin A
Vitamin A is in green and yellow vegetables,
milk and eggs. It's necessary for seeing in the
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B1 is in meat, porridge and bread. B1
is responsible for the nervous system. Lack of
this vitamin leads to serious illnesses and ever
Vitamin C
Vitamin C is in every fruit and vegetable. You can
find this vitamin in black currants, strawberries,
oranges and grapefruits, onions, cabbages and green
Vitamin C is important for building bones and teeth.
It help to prevent colds.
Vitamin D
Vitamin D is in eggs. People can also get in from
sunlight. It makes our bones strong.
Vitamin E
Vitamin E is necessary for skin and body. It’s in
the wheat and nuts.
Vitamin B6,K
Vitamin B6 and K are necessary for human blood. You
can find B6 in beans and milk;
Vitamin K- in potatoes and carrots.
We live not to eat, but we
eat to live!