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In addition, very little study has been done about how the Balinese present themselves
as a people and this thesis attempts to make a contribution here. This emic perspective is a
welcome addition to scholarship that has largely viewed Bali and the Balinese through the eyes
of the “Outsiders.” Further, when Balinese scholars have produced works, there has been very
little analysis or critique of what they have published within the larger anthropological
community. It is important to deal with this as it represents a gap within the literature that
would benefit from being explored further.
Finally, it offers an important look at what contemporary scholars are presenting and,
potentially, will point the reader in the direction of where the scholarship on Balinese culture
and people could be heading. Personally, I consider this research significant as a “springboard”
for my own work, which ideally will include a study on the Balinese migrant community in