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discussion. One critical question I will consider is how the representation of Balinese culture
through scholarly research has affected modern day understanding of the Balinese, and thus
how earlier research influenced later research. The final chapter includes a section detailing
Balinese writers within scholarship today.
Through analysis of past and more recent ethnographies and other scholarly
publications, this thesis will investigate the ways in which the culture and peoples of the island
have been represented and whether these interpretations of culture have been accurate
representations of the Balinese worldview. For example, has the “Outsider” (often times an
anthropologist or other scholar) been able to accurately portray the experience of Balinese
women? I will look at how scholarly/anthropological representations of the Balinese have
changed over time. This thesis will also consider how the Balinese potentially identify as
Balinese through an investigation and analysis of published works by Balinese scholars.
Significance of this Study
This study is significant in several ways. First, it will consider how the ethnography of
Bali, Indonesia, has been presented within the anthropological canon, giving us a look at what
specific institutions within Balinese culture have received the most exposure and interest by
anthropologists and how, in turn, this work has influenced the discipline. When put together,
this will give an idea of how Balinese “culture” has been constructed within anthropology. It
will also provide information about any essentializing notions that have arisen from the
scholarship, and how these notions have been critiqued.