Download Wynalda Litho, a leading folding carton manufacturer located in

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* Invoice customers upon shipment verifying accuracy of price, freight and additional charges
* Enter estimated and actual mark-ups into computer system upon completion of jobs
* Review lists of open jobs on a regular basis to ensure all shipped jobs have been invoiced
* Send invoices to customers via EDI, e-mail or regular mail
* Obtain proofs of delivery of account to customers
* Obtain credit information on new accounts
* Correspond with customers to resolve or to follow-up on delinquent balances
* Apply customer payments to their account; follow-up on any discrepancies
* Send periodic statements to customers
* Month end raw materials, work-in progress and finished goods valuation
* Capital Authorization and Fixed Asset Accounting
Wynalda Packaging is a customer-focused, service-oriented company specializing in highquality folding cartons and unique packaging solutions. Our customers demand quick
turnaround, excellent quality and specialized security.
Company offers competitive compensation package including medical, dental, RX, vision as
well as a 401(k) program with a company match. Pre-employment drug screen is required.
For consideration of this full-time position, candidates should submit resume and salary
requirements to [email protected] or US Mail to: Wynalda Packaging, P O Box 370,
Belmont, MI 49306