Download Guy Bavli staring in a campaign for PRINCESS-linda 30-8-01

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Guy Bavli stars in campaign for PRINCESS
electrical kitchen appliances on European TV
Mentalist Guy Bavli is presently starring in a major infomercial campaign for
PRINCESS, a Dutch company specializing in electrical kitchen appliances
In conjunction with WS Teleshop International (marketer and producer of the
campaign, titled Magic Princess), Princess chose Guy Bavli to host and star
in the campaign. The infomercial features Guy performing his metal bending
routine and other special magical effects with Princess products.
Following a well-received pilot on Austrian TV in August, the campaign is now
on its way to the rest of Europe, where it is slated to begin in September 2001
on TV channels RTL, SAT1 and VOX, in both Germany and Austria.
Together with Guy Bavli, the campaign features Mr. Horst Fuchs, marketing
manager for WS Teleshop, who demonstrates the advantages of the products
while Guy Bavli hosts and demonstrates his talent and magical feats.
The infomercial was shot in Sofia, Bulgaria, while the production is Austrian,
the director French, the product Dutch, and the star of the campaign is from
Israel – a real international flavor!