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for GEOVIA Surpac™
A new set of tools for visualizing, analysing and
modelling orientation data.
Developed by a multinational team of rock engineers and geologists from WSP.
Fracture plane mapping based on 3D photogrammetry of open pit faces.
The measured orientation of geological features is essential for constructing
reliable 3D geological and engineering models. The rapid development of
surveying methods has led to an increase in the amount of and accuracy of this
type of data from drill holes and rock surfaces. However, this orientation data is
often neglected due to a lack of well-tailored visualization and analysis tools for
3D modelling software. With Structural Suite for GEOVIA Surpac™, you can
finally leverage the full potential of your oriented data directly inside the familiar
Surpac user interface.
Visualization tool creates graphically editable data from oriented
data stored in Surpac database. Data is visualized by user defined
structural symbols as native Surpac 3D string data, which can be
saved, modified and analysed with standard Surpac tools. The
structural symbols can then be colored, scaled, or constrained
at the user’s whim using database field values and mathematical
expressions to get the most out of your directional data.
In addition, visualized data can be further analyzed using
stereographic projection tool. Stereographic projections can
easily be made from selected data right in the Surpac window.
Mean planes can be calculated from interpreted joint sets with
the software and exported into the 3D view. Selected data
can also be exported or opened directly in Rocscience Dips
software for more detailed stereographic analyses.
The Structural Suite also include new tools for creating best fit
planes from surfaces, solids, segments, strings and even individually
selected points. These tools can also be used to map structures
from 3D photographs and laser scanned surfaces.
1. Surface observations of fractures colored by
different sets.
2. Stereographic projection is processed for
selected data.
3D symbols of foliation and a mean plane interpreted for specific zone from stereographic projection.
3. Mean planes modelled interactively from
stereographic projection.
Estimating possible wedge failures based on interpreted joint sets in
open pit mining.
Fracture zone interpreted from mean planes of joint
2D fracture symbols generated from surface
Visualized data can be edited with a set of tools provided in
Structural Suite package. Structural symbols can be expanded
in 3D to, for instance, find drill hole intersections. Symbols can
also be manually created, copied and re-oriented.
Flow vectors calculated and visualized from surface
Structural Suite has been developed based on Surpac client
requests and needs we have found in our own projects.
Orientation data is a valuable guide for modelling and design.
They are costly and they should be properly evaluated
and analyzed to get the most out of them. Structural Suite
provides interactive and quick tools for modelling with
orientation data.
- WSP’s Mine Planning and Rock Engineering unit
Quick Tools by WSP
In addition, the package now includes Quick Tools:
1. Quick change working directory to change working directory with just
the press of a button.
2. Quick locate drill hole to pin point and zoom to a specified drill hole.
3. Quick hide/display strings to temporary change the look of string data
Geological 3D modelling using oriented observations of specific zones.
for screenshots and visual analysis.
Furthermore, included copy tools can be used to copy data from one layer
to a currently active layer with just one click. You can copy a single point, a
segment, an entire string or even all the contents of the source layer with
Contact info
Petteri Somervuori
[email protected]
Foliation of rock modelled with Surpac
block modelling and results visualized
with Structural Suite.
Plan section of foliation block model.
Calculated best fit plane of solid model.
Tuomas Rantanen
[email protected]